Digital Asset Management

Securely store, access, and share your creative files

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a system that enables the creation of a process for archiving, organizing, and accessing files. Files are saved to shared locations, organized in meaningful hierarchies, and discoverable through search. DAM often involves rich content such as videos, music, photos, animations, or multimedia assets. Marketing, entertainment, and enterprise-level organizations frequently use DAM software to manage such assets.


With Box, a few clicks of your mouse is all it takes to create a unified workspace, securely storing, managing, and collaborating on rich digital assets. Create videos, logos, and campaign images from draft to completion. Quickly pull up the right digital asset, collaborate on assets with team members, and send them to stakeholders for approval on any device, anywhere

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Managing Your Digital Content with Box

Access Files Anywhere. With cloud-native management of your company’s digital assets, find and retrieve the files you need from anywhere, on any device.


Never Lose Another File. Hard drives fail, computers and memory devices get stolen, and employees resign. With cloud storage, abandon local copies and save to a shared repository.


Assign Access Rights. With granular permission controls that are simple to assign, ensure assets are only accessible to individuals with appropriate rights.


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Multimedia Management

Rich Media Management. Managing digital assets with Box makes handling multimedia content a breeze for those in marketing, entertainment, or retail industries. Easily share and store videos, music, photos, and other large files.


Seamless Integrations. Create, edit, and archive media assets from other programs. Box integrates seamlessly with the third-party tools you’re already using, accepting more than 120 file types.


Preview Without Download. Save time when searching for files. Large files can be previewed in your browser instantly, minimizing productivity loss caused by slow download speeds.


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Quick Content Retrieval

Classify Your Assets. Metadata templates allow you to quickly dictate what information needs to be assigned to uploaded assets, enabling expedited recovery of archived files.


End Lengthy Searching. With enhanced search functionality, you can recover files easily—even without metadata. Search by format, size, date last modified, and other presets.


Keep Files Up-To-Date. With Box Sync, edits made locally automatically sync with online copies, ensuring that the files you find aren’t outdated.


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Collaborate Externally

Expedite Reviews and Approvals. Set permissions, share assets, and establish workflows. Assets in Box can easily be shared with internal and external partners for expedited collaboration.


Ditch Email Attachments. Easily transfer large files without worrying about attachment limits. Assets stored on Box can be shared instantly—and securely—with password-protected links.


Iterate Quickly. When an edit is made to a shared asset, collaborators are automatically notified, allowing for expedited feedback and quick iterations.


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Enterprise-Grade Digital Asset Management System

Need enterprise-level security and functionality for your digital asset management? Box is suitable for any organization, no matter its size, scope, or vertical.

Ready to Transform Your Digital Asset Management?