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Collaborate securely with your favorite Google apps

Box and Google Slides

Enhance the scale, performance, and intelligence of Box

Box now leverages Google Cloud and its advanced capabilities to enhance the scale, performance, and intelligence of the Box Content Cloud platform globally. Our partnership with Google keeps your business moving forward, giving you a central, secure content layer across the Google collaboration tools your teams already use. That way, you stay on top of your critical files, and your people work with the apps they love.

Get more from Box with the Google Cloud Marketplace

You can now purchase Box using your existing Google Cloud commitment, drawing down against your Google Cloud spending commitment. Take advantage of the simplicity of paying with your existing Google account, with no need to set up a new merchant of record or endure a lengthy procurement review. Plus, speed up your procurement process with consolidated billing through Google.

Power better teamwork with Google Workspace and Box

Our Box for Google Workspace integration enables your people to create and collaborate using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides without leaving Box. Google files are automatically saved and managed in Box, connecting your content through Gmail and Google calendar so that you can get your work done faster. 

Use Box as your single source of truth

By saving all your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from Google Drive right into Box, you create a central repository for all of your organization's valuable content. Saving Google files to Box also ensures that they're protected by our enterprise-grade security and compliance, which gives you total peace of mind, no matter your industry.

Make email easier with Box for Gmail

We know you're looking for ways to save time on email. One of our favorites: accessing Box content right from the Gmail composer. Our native integration allows you to attach files from Box and save email attachments to Box with just a few clicks. That way, your organization's critical content stays secure in Box — and you get valuable time back.

Create a one-stop shop with Box for Google Workspace Essentials

With a curated collection of Google Workspace products, our integration allows you to create and collaborate on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides right in Box, without Google Drive. By consolidating your content on our single platform, you tackle security risks and keep confusion at bay. Plus, Box and Google Workspace work seamlessly with other apps like Microsoft Office 365, which means you can go all-in on a best-of-breed strategy.


"Box for Google Workspace has allowed us to enable our global workforce to pick the right tools for collaboration, but also have all the information stored in one place so it’s easy to govern and it’s easy to manage."


Atticus Tysen, CIO at Intuit

Connect every part of your business with Box and Google