Box + Okta

Easily access your content in Box with a single set of secure credentials

Box + Okta

Secure login without the headaches

As companies adopt Box, identity and access management becomes increasingly important. Keeping up with changing roles, permission levels and credentials can slow IT and productivity. Okta quickly and easily connects Box to Active Directory, a service that centralises network administration and security. With Okta, users can access Box with their AD credentials, maintaining a single, reliable source of truth for users' identity with minimal management.

Box + Okta highlights

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01Easy installation and configuration

Enable Active Directory integration in minutes with a simple, step-by-step guided process.

02Automated user management

Automatically provision and de-provision user accounts in Box based on Active Directory Security Group membership.

03Seamless single sign-on

Eliminate password management hassle by authenticating users with their existing credentials, allowing instant access to any necessary apps.

04Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Protect your content by ensuring secure access to Box by leveraging Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Box Customer Pandora
"Our IT department and end users are in complete agreement — Box and Okta have unleashed the power of the cloud within Pandora."


Mark Brennan, Senior Director of IT, Pandora

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Change user identity and access management with Box + Okta