Box Starter

100 GB storage
2GB Upload Size

This plan is best for small teams of 3-10 users. Enjoy 100 GB of storage and basic sync and share of 120+ file types.


Make collaboration with anyone simple

Collaborate with people inside or outside your company using shared links or inviting them as collaborators into your folders. With links, you can allow co-workers to view and/or download content securely using a required password or expiration dates. If you need to work closely with others on a project long-term, add them to a shared folder with specific functionalities such as editing or viewing to keep up with the latest version. 

For example, you might invite a colleague into a folder as a collaborator to review and edit a deck that you two will be presenting together; however if you needed to share that deck as an FYI to a teammate who doesn't need to edit, you can share it as a link. 

Basic content management and collaboration

Basic content management and collaboration

Your team has a single place to share, edit, discuss and approve files. Plus, real-time notifications will keep you in the loop. Our Starter plan allows you to:

  • Determine the level of access that each user has to your content
  • Keep track of versions and see when a prospect, client, vendor, or co-worker has viewed your content
  • Access and edit your files on the go from your mobile device
  • Collaborate in real time using Box Notes

Need more security and compliance features?