How Government agencies collaborate securely in the Content Cloud

From case files, citizen applications, and R&D documents to records, sensitive documents, evidence, and health records, local, state, and federal government agencies work with a significant amount of content. Therefore, you need a tool that helps streamline collaboration and meets compliance standards. Ideally, a government collaboration tool will also make your organization's overall workflows more efficient.

Many leading government agencies rely on the Box Content Cloud to power collaboration and ensure their processes are secure and compliant. If you're new to the cloud, see how using a powerful, cloud-based collaboration tool can help improve your agency's efficiency and operations.


What is government collaboration cloud software?

This software provides access to various computing services — such as storage, servers, and databases — over the internet, allowing government employees to access documents in the office or remotely. When your team uses cloud-based collaboration software, you can accept files and documents from other agencies or individuals without someone having to physically drop off a document or download the content to a particular device.

Mainly, government collaboration software accomplishes several tasks. Authorized government employees or officials can use the software when performing fieldwork, to submit photos of casework or projects, or to send in footage of events. For example, a forest or wildlife agency can use the software to upload footage of a wildfire, or a representative from a water department can take and share photos of a flood.

This type of cloud-based collaboration software also improves communications between agencies and citizens. The tool allows you to accept applications from people for government-sponsored loans or proposals from companies in response to a request. The tool can also make it easier for citizens to submit applications for government benefits, such as supplemental nutrition assistance or child care assistance. 

Once the documents are submitted, you can use software to assign tasks to your team members. Using workflow management tools helps you keep on top of assignments and tasks, ensuring that projects move along smoothly and efficiently. When every document is located in the cloud, each team member can access the necessary documents, streamlining accessibility and convenience.

The tool should have built-in security features that ensure documents are kept confidential when appropriate. That's especially essential for a government agency. Box for government offers secure cloud storage that adheres to standards, such as:

  • FedRAMP
  • PII
  • CJIS
  • ITAR
  • EAR
  • DoD SRG L4
  • ISO 27018
  • IRS-1075


How to use a government collaboration tool

There are multiple ways to use a collaboration tool, depending on your needs. In a government setting, you might utilize collaboration cloud tools to work on whitepapers, share pictures and videos, review records, and more. Let's take a closer look at how to use the software when issuing a request for proposals from subcontractors or other organizations.

The first step is to request applications from the vendors or subcontractors. Use Box File Request to create a web form to ask for documents. Here, vendors can submit proposals to you using the form whether they have a Box account or not. The form is easy to create using a drag-and-drop interface.

After you've created the form, you can send a link to it to the vendors from whom you're seeking proposals. Box File Request does more than allow you to ask for proposals. For example, you can use it to request personal IDs from vendors you've decided to work with or upload documents from external partner organizations.

Once you've received the applications or proposals, the next step is to begin the review. A tool like Box Relay manages and automates workflow. Once you start a workflow using Box Relay, a      user gets assigned a task. After they complete the task, the workflow triggers the next step in the process based on the result. If an application is rejected, the next step might be to send a letter to the submitter letting them know your decision. Alternatively, accepted applications can move to the next phase of the collaborative process.

Often, that next phase is to move accepted proposals to an appropriate folder. From there, you can create secure links in Box to share the accepted applications and other relevant files with vendors. Then, only the correct recipients can access and review the documents.


The benefits of government agency collaboration software

When you use Box as your agency collaboration solution, you have the ability to create secure, collaborative workspaces across local, state, and federal agency boundaries. The software also empowers mission owners to complete projects quickly, without violating IT security policies.

Another notable benefit of collaboration software for government agencies is that it lets you edit documents from any device. All changes you make are automatically synced and saved to Box. Whenever team members have to travel for work, they can access necessary files from their work devices.


Box for government

Box for government provides a seamless collaboration tool, which you can use across multiple agencies to improve communication with citizens and vendors. This tool integrates perfectly into your current operations, so you don't have to make any significant adjustments to start using it. Part of the Content Cloud, Box for government allows you to do the following:

  • Improve the accuracy of field operations
  • Engage with citizens by providing faster online and mobile services
  • Collaborate with other government agencies or nongovernment organizations
  • Accelerate claims intake and processing
  • Meet compliance standards

Box presents a straightforward cloud tool that can help your agency meet its specific needs while continuing to adhere to specific regulations.


Learn more about the Content Cloud from Box today

Today's governments need to stay connected to their constituents and collaborators more than ever before. Whether you're looking for a cloud-based collaboration solution for a single agency or would like to adopt a collaboration tool be used by agencies across a local, state, or federal government, the Box Content Cloud is here for you. 

To see how the Content Cloud can improve your workflow, streamline agency operations, and improve citizen engagement, contact us to learn more about Box today. 


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