Claims Processing

Simplify claims processing

Accelerate claims resolution and improve the customer experience

Claims processing is often a fragmented experience, requiring customers, adjusters and agents to use a variety of services, including email attachments, photo storage sites and paper documents, in order to collaborate. Customers are often limited to a specific file size and type when uploading claim documents. Meanwhile, claims agents and adjusters have to download files directly to their desktop in order to view customer attachments. With no way to view documents on the fly and a lack of security features to protect sensitive claims data, everyone faces a disjointed experience with potential for data leaks. Leverage Box to collaborate out of one central location, capturing images and communicating on the go. With Box, companies can deliver an enhanced customer experience and faster claims resolution all while maintaining security and compliance.

Build a connected experience

Box integrates with claims management systems like Guidewire, reducing the number of services needed to file a claim and simplifying the experience for agents, adjusters and customers. 

Maintain compliance

Box ensures that submitted content is not only retained for compliance standards, but is also held for auditing purposes and governed so that it’s only shared with users who have access to the file.

Create seamless alignment

Each multimedia file gets seamlessly aligned with the associated claim in Guidewire. This reduces the time spent on an individual claim and creates a more seamless experience for agents and customers. 

Enable rich media support

Customers, adjusters and agents can upload and preview over 120 different file types on the fly, without being limited to using smaller file sizes or specific file types. 

"The more you can bring the simplicity of use of technology from our personal lives into occupational use, the easier it will be to see the possibilities"

 — Marlo Donate, VP Digital Technology at Farmers Insurance Group

Key capabilities

Control content access

Choose from seven granular permissions levels for content, restrict downloads and prevent anyone from deleting or modifying files. 

Search for content faster

Easily search across all of your claims-related content in Box rather than having to dig through different personal and shared drives.

Preserve document history

Retain all claim-related content and preserve different versions for evidentiary purposes.

Get audit reports

Access comprehensive audit reports so you know who created, edited, downloaded or viewed a piece of content and when.

Upload images using Box Capture

Adjusters can easily take photos of the incident, upload them to Box and view everything on the fly using Box Capture.

Prioritize security

Ensure secure file access with features like watermarking, hiding collaborators and classifying files to restrict access.

Integrated with partners

Leverage Box's more than 1,400 integrations with partners like Guidewire, DocuSign, Okta and more to accelerate the claims process. 

File previews

Preview over 120 file types on any device, anywhere. 

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to automatically identify and label objects in claims images and videos and transcribe claims conversations with machine learning

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