HR Portal

Centralize HR content 

Provide access to the latest HR content in one secure location

Whether they're looking for information on healthcare benefits or the latest company policies, employees rely on content from their human resources (HR) teams on a regular basis. But at many companies, HR teams have to maintain content across a myriad of systems, making it hard to serve up the right content at the right time.  With Box, HR teams are finally able to create a centralized, secure and compliant hub where they can maintain the latest content. That lets employees get back to doing their jobs and the HR team get back to doing what it does best: focusing on the people that power your organization. 

Optimize HR team productivity

With real-time access to content collaboration tools, HR teams can create, find, share and update the latest files, from employee benefits to training materials.

Standardize HR content publication

Give employees access to HR content in a consistent, user-friendly system that’s easy to access from any device.

Ensure security and compliance

Use granular permissions controls and advanced security, privacy and compliance features to protect your content and your organization. 

Key capabilities

Integrate seamlessly

Apart from your native Box interface, you can also use over 1,400 integrations like DocuSign and Office 365 to access, preview and share HR documents. You can also work with one of our service integrators to build a custom solution with an HCM system like SAP or Oracle.  

Ensure compliance

Leverage retention and disposition features to comply with employee record retention regulations like those set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other international laws.

Locate content faster with metadata

Box Skills lets you automatically generate metadata on each piece of content in your HR portal. Employees can then easily search for content using keywords and no longer have to search across multiple shared and personal drives.

Control content access

Implement global security controls, granular file permissioning, watermarking and more to ensure sensitive employee data is protected.

On-demand access

Enable employees to access benefits information and company policies stored in Box right from their desktop or mobile device.

Track analytics

Track, generate and export reports on file activity and usage from Box's admin console.

Customize using Box APIs

Use Box Platform's robust suite of APIs and SDKs to build a customized HR portal tailored to your users.

File previews

Preview over 120 file types from any device, anywhere. 

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to enhance and highlight key employee resources such as trainings, benefits information, and company policies with machine learning

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