Loan Origination

Digitize loan origination

Create a customer-centric, compliant and streamlined loan experience

Current loan origination approaches are heavily reliant on disjointed, paper-based processes, resulting in an overall poor customer experience. Collaboration between customers and loan agents requires creating multiple accounts for each technology and service needed to facilitate conversation, and the submission process involves paper copies and physically handing documents off. Lack of easy access to latest versions and confusion over which documents have been submitted results in redundancy and frustration. Adding to the complexity, not every platform or service used is compliant, creating risk. With Box, customers can seamlessly collaborate on sensitive content with loan agents, without either entity worrying if the files are secure and compliant.

Customizable experience

Use Box's rich set of APIs to build a custom user interface and white-labeled experience where customers and loan agents can work together more efficiently and effectively.

Improved collaboration

Enable customers to submit documents on the fly and collaborate with their agents using features such as sharing, commenting, and assigning tasks –reducing overall turnaround time for loan requests and creating an entirely digitized loan experience.

Accelerate turnaround times

Box integrates directly with your existing services, becoming the single platform to access, preview, and share documents with one another–reducing the number of services needed to communicate (e.g. emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, etc.)

Secure and compliant processes

Box provides extensive permission features that enable customers to securely share files externally, while meeting retention and compliance requirements such as FINRA and MiFID.

Key capabilities

On-demand access

Allow users to upload, access and manage documents stored in Box directly from desktop or mobile

Build apps using Box APIs and SDKs

Use Box’s APIs and SDKs to create white-labeled apps to support the loan experience

Leverage eSignature tools

Integrate with tools like DocuSign and AdobeSign to send out loan documents for electronic signature and then save back to Box

File preview

Preview over 120+ file types directly in the browser

Create and edit

Create a folder for each deal stage and customer-specific documents

Share and collaborate with external users

Invite clients to share files, manage content, and collaborate among teams within a centralized repository

Compliance and governance

Use Box Governance to easily ensure all managed content meets compliance requirements from FINRA to MiFID


Ensure secure file access and visibility levels with features such as watermarking and hiding collaborators

Real time comments and tasks

Optimize workflows with realtime commenting and assigning tasks that can be checked off each step of the process

Create secure document portals

Make it simple and secure for loan agents and customers to collaborate and share files across organizational boundaries

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to automatically classify and extract key information from loan documents, such as tax returns, photo ID, bank statements and more with machine learning

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