Enterprise Content Management

Simple document storage, archiving, and retrieval for the modern enterprise

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the process and method of storing, archiving, and retrieving documents within an enterprise-level company or a similarly large organization. With an ECM platform, documents and other files are digitized, centralized, and secured. This minimizes productivity loss related to time spent searching for files, functions as a document backup system, and ensures paper trail is always available.

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ECM in the Cloud

Abandon local storage. Unlimited cloud storage allows you to migrate historical documents and save new files to a central repository, preventing file loss and simplifying discovery.


Reduce operational costs. Box handles all server maintenance and backup, eliminating legacy data management tasks and enhancing the security and availability of your data.


Guarantee compliance. Granular permission controls, detailed access histories, and automated retention policies enable easy proof of compliance in case of an audit.

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Find the Files You Need Instantly

Stop searching. All files are stored in a central, searchable repository, removing the need to sift through folders on local machines, in filing cabinets, and at storage facilities.


Classify your content. Find content quickly with metadata search. Established templates enable quick document discovery by attributes like file type, revision date, author, and tags.


Prevent data loss and exposure. Migrate files from local machines, digitize legacy storage systems, and establish access permissions, preventing document loss and data exposure.

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Improve Collaboration and Workflows

Keep files current. With Box Edit, files edited locally are automatically synced to Box accounts, ensuring documents are always up-to-date.


Improve productivity. All impacted team members receive a notification when changes are made to a shared file, enabling quick iterations on collaborative projects.


Automate approvals. Standardize approval processes for files that require sign-off by internal or external parties, minimizing mistakes and streamlining decision-making.

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Share Large Files With Anyone

Transfer large files. Send files of any size—or even entire folders—with a simple link and a click, eliminating concerns about email attachment size limitations.


Deliver documents to external partners. Transfer files to external parties for feedback and sign-off. Recipients don’t need Box accounts to review and manage shared documents.


Protect confidential documents. Assign access rights, block downloading, lock documents, and monitor views and shares,maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of shared files.

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A Secure Solution for Regulated Industries

Protect PHI. Transfer medical records and DIACOM files between physicians, providers, and insurance companies. Box signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with all healthcare customers.


Guarantee FINRA compliance. Automate mortgage workflows, streamline contract negotiations, and share financial documents. Box keeps financial information secure and is fully FINRA-compliant.


Meet FedRAMP and EU standards. Enjoy cross-agency collaboration, and provide emergency workers with access to live-saving information—all while meeting strict government security regulations.

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Security and Compliance

Record views and changes. Prove information was handled properly with detailed audit tracking, providing comprehensive reports of all historical document views and changes.


Set automatic retention policies. Establish automatic document preservation, archival, and deletion rules and schedules, preventing loss of files that are required for compliance.


Secure and encrypt data. Granular permission controls ensure files are only accessed by designated parties, and document encryption prevents exposure of sensitive information.

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