Extend Security Policies to the Cloud

Manage the upload, download and sharing of files with Box security policies.

  • Keep Content Confidential Choose from built-in rules to flag confidential data. Or, create custom keyword-based filters to identify, quarantine and review sensitive content.
  • Stop Content and Data Loss Create policies to track abnormal downloads of content, so you're alerted to the risk of data loss.
  • Flag Risky Sharing Worried about protecting trade secrets? Set a security policy to alert you if someone from an unwanted domain is added as a collaborator.
Extend Security Policies to the Cloud Using Box Feature

Automate Workflow

Create simple rules for automating common tasks like reviews and approvals and improve how information moves through your business.

  • Simple, Repeatable Processes From the admin console, automatically move files to specific folders or assign tasks to approvers for automatic notification and reminders.
  • Shorten Review Cycles Automatically assign review tasks to teammates when new documents are uploaded.
  • Automatically Publish Approved Information When a task is completed, move the final docs to an 'Approved' folder in Box. All appropriate parties will be notified.
Get Automate Workflow For Improving Business Online


Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

In addition to protecting uploads to Box, security policies can be created to send notifications when users download unexpected amounts of content.

  • Custom Thresholds Whether you're sharing simple office documents or rich media and videos, you can set download alerts at a volume that makes sense for your organization.
  • Instant Notification Have notifications sent directly to you when something seems awry. Take action immediately through the content manager features in the Admin Console.
  • Integrated to BI and Security Management Systems Integrate directly into your BI or SIEM solution like Splunk and GoodData. Get rich analytics about content in your company.
Integrated Security Management Systems For Monitoring and Alerts Online