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Deliver top-rate consulting, legal and accounting services with access to your content anytime, anywhere

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External File Sharing and Collaboration

Access Your Files Anytime, Anywhere

With Box for Professional Services, your team will have the same secure access to content whether they are in the office, on the road or at a client site. With Box, you can increase productivity across project and client teams, ensure that sensitive client data is secure and keep overhead costs low.

Box also offers a rich ecosystem of integrated solutions. From experienced service partners to key technology alliances—including Salesforce, Docusign, iAnnotate, IntApp, Cilo and Recommind—-you can extend and enhance Box capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Deliver Top-Rate Services with Box

Project and Client Collaboration
Improve Client Relations

Project teams and clients can present and collaborate securely without ever leaving Box. Consolidate and access client information directly from Salesforce, allowing you to handle existing and new accounts easily.

Manage Risk and Compliance
Streamline Case and Project Management

Give consultants, lawyers and accountants a way to avoid email silos and work more efficiently. Edit Microsoft Office files, track edits and provide feedback with comments in context.

Customer Satisfaction
Manage Complex Deals

Whether you're executing complex transactions or completing due diligence, you can create virtual data rooms to ensure content is private and protected. Watermarking, security access levels and granular reporting ensure document integrity.

Box Customer, Perkins Coie, Gavin Gray - CIO, Quote
“Our lawyers are very mobile, and Box allows them to access files, collaborate and connect with clients easily. Box makes a lot more sense than emailing files, putting files on a USB drive that could be lost or carrying papers in your bag. With Box, it's in a secure place where you control access, monitor and manage it.”


Gavin Gray, CIO, Perkins Coie

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