Collaborate Without Limits

Box is your shared workspace, so you can easily work with anyone, anywhere

Work Remotely

Work Easily With Anyone, Anywhere

Ditch Email Attachments. Securely share large files with a simple link or custom URL, control access with permissions you set and secure files with password protection.

Automatic Version Control. Always have the latest file version on hand, making collaboration seamless. Box also saves earlier versions, just in case you need to go back.

Preview Without Downloading. View full documents in 120+ file types, including Word and PowerPoint, without needing to download the file first.

Centralize files and co-author with Office 365

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Centralize Your Files. With Box, your team has a single place to share, edit, discuss and approve files. Plus, real-time notifications when edits are made keep you in the loop.

Make Working Together Simple. Co-author simultaneously in Microsoft Word, create budgets in Excel or use Box Notes to create schedules, checklists and more.

Keep Your Team On Track. Simplify project management by setting important due dates, assigning tasks to team members and monitoring progress in one place.

Workflow Automation

Keep It Simple With Automation

Reduce Repetition. Make tasks like employee onboarding and contract approvals more efficient by triggering file movement based on uploads and ownership.

Shorten Review Cycles. Route files through complex approval chains by leveraging tasks, comments and notifications, minimizing the time it takes to get a “yes”.

Flag Risky Business. Safeguard your content by setting instant notifications when unwanted activities such as unknown user access or downloads occurs.

Box Customer, Gush Shahin - Flextronics, Quote
“Box makes sure our 200,000 employees have access to data they need at any given time, from any given device. It also lets us share files with our customers in a secure manner. Box is absolutely key for us.”


Gus Shahin, CIO, Flextronics

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