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Going digital takes work, and that's why Box Support empowers you with guidance from the moment your journey begins. Our highly trained, proactive team is eager to provide the timely help you need to keep work moving. From basic training and enablement, to high-touch technical support and a robust digital experience, you get the assurance you need to build your business on Box.

Boost your education

From product insights to industry best practices, we help you every step of the way. With an expansive knowledge base and free Box Education training, you're just a click away from becoming a digital leader. 

Get fast, reliable support

Keep work moving with quick and precise assistance tailored to your exact business needs. No one knows Box better than our support staff, so you're always in good hands, no matter the topic.

Tap into technical expertise

From engineers to account managers, Box Support equips you with effective solutions for any technical challenge. Chat with a member of our team to assess your tech stack for new and innovative ways to deliver success.

Meet a few of our experts

Robert Lott
Robert Lott

Manager, Global Support Services

"Box Support is wholly focused on customer centricity. Whether it's a tricky technical issue or a simple invoice question, our teams work day and night to ensure positive outcomes. We're measured on customer satisfaction and we strive to bring tickets to a quick resolution, no matter the situation."

Spencer McGee
Spencer McGee

Technical Support Engineer

"Our customers drive our product strategy forward. In my role, I'm lucky to work with some of our most innovative and experimental customers. My job is to help solve problems in the moment, but also relay customer feedback to product teams, so we're always improving the Box platform."

Veronica Chou
Veronica Chou

Technical Account Manager

"Our largest customers have incredible goals for their Box programs. I get to help define exactly what it will take from a technical perspective for them to achieve their visions. By getting to know the nuances of my customers' tech stacks, I can help them navigate the uncharted territories of digital transformation."

Support services for any Box customer

Standard Support

Every Box customer gets free access to our product support teams. Submit tickets, and get access to both general and specialist help during local business hours. 

Premier Support

From shared HelpDesk setup and chat, to phone support and prioritized ticket response, Premier Support ensures always-on, high-touch assistance for your most critical Box use cases.

Enhanced Support

Box Enterprise Plus provides customers of all sizes with end-to-end support. Services include 24/7/365 assistance, ticket prioritization, multi-channel agent access, and more.


Box Support
Box Support

Read up on all things Box in our knowledge base, or submit a support ticket to get a problem solved. With Box Support, you get quick answers to any pressing issues.

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Box University
Box University

Dive into the robust training curriculum in Box University, with topics from Box products to industry trends, and become a leader in the evolving content management space.

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Box Consulting
Box Consulting

Whether you're tackling implementation challenges, integrating and consolidating technology, or driving adoption through change management, Box Consulting is your partner to get it done.

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