Human Resources Simplified

Box makes it easy to recruit, onboard and empower the best talent

File Management in Box

Your Secure Human Resources Hub

Get Organized. Never hunt through another filing cabinet! Easily find employee information—benefits, payroll, performance reviews and more—stored in Box, and search quickly with advanced filters and metadata. 

Keep Employee Information Secure. Ensure confidential employee information is protected with granular access controls and complete audit trails.

Stay Compliant. Set Box to automatically retain, archive or delete documents, so you comply with regulations without extra work.

External File Sharing with Candidates

Your Feedback, Loud & Clear

Close Candidates Faster. Hiring happens quickly when your team can share feedback about candidates in a centralized workspace.

Don’t Overshare. Share documents with candidates securely, without forwarding sensitive emails or materials.

All Hands Working Together. Reduce friction among HR, Finance and managers when details like compensation, benefits, and schedules are ironed out together.

Box and Docusign Integration

Get People Up & Running, Fast

Make Offers Faster. Make it easy for candidates to say “YES!” by setting up automatic workflows that move documents through the chain of approvals.

Simplify Your Workflow. Leverage documents in Box with other apps—Office 365, DocuSign and Litmos—and get documents in the right hands faster.

Set New Hires Up For Success. Give new employees Day 1 reporting instructions, paperwork to complete and training materials before they start.

Anglo American, David Heppenstall - CTO, Quote
“We strive to empower a global workforce; with a connected workplace, communication thrives and everyone benefits. Box allows us to centralize all our content and provide a secure, simple and efficient tool that is a natural fit for our company.”


David Heppenstall, CTO and Head of Global Infrastructure Services, Anglo American

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