Cloud Content Management

The simple, secure way to bring all your people, information and applications together to revolutionize how you work

What is Cloud Content Management?

Cloud Content Management is the combination of centralized, cloud-native content services with advanced security and governance. Put more simply: CCM is an easy and secure way for all of your teams to work together.


With Cloud Content Management, manual processes become digital and automated. Employees no longer have to spend hours each day or week hunting for information, and productivity soars. Collaboration across the entire extended enterprise becomes seamless, and the latest machine learning technologies help you maximize the value of every piece of content you have. No more siloed content, no more searching for information. With Cloud Content Management at Box, you can finally work as one.

collaboration and productivity

Productivity and Collaboration

How Box Helps You


Box is built to enable external and team collaboration and mobile productivity. And with integrated tools built into the Box experience, you can collaborate in real-time on content — including real-time notes and co-editing of files through our office suite integrations. With Box, there's no tradeoff between simplicity and security, no matter what applications you use.


How CCM Enables Better Collaboration


  • External and team collaboration - easily work with teams across the extended enterprise
  • Team workflow - make it possible for end users to automate simple, repetitive tasks
  • Mobile productivity - share, view and edit any file on any device
  • Real-time notes for teams - collaborate together and share ideas in real time
  • Cloud file sharing - replace costly and cumbersome network file shares with more efficient and capable cloud storage



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business process modernization

Business Process Modernization

How Box Helps You


Modernize the processes that would've traditionally required legacy ECM solutions — including document retention, disposition and governance. Or use our workflow capabilities, both native within Box and our partner integrations, to enable entirely new business processes right in the cloud. Or even leverage rich metadata, content organization and search to provide digital asset capabilities for all types of content across many different industries.


How CCM Enables Better Business Processes


  • Simplified data asset management (DAM) - manage digital assets in a central location
  • Document workflow - automate and simplify content-driven business processes
  • Document retention and disposition - make reliable data retention an invisible part of the way you work
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developer tools

Tools for New Digital Experiences

How Box Helps You


By bringing your work together, you have one repository from which to build rich, content-led experiences into custom business applications for both internal and external users. You can use Box to enable field and mobile workers and clients with streamlined apps built around Box's best-in-class content rendering and security capabilities. Or seamlessly integrate other intelligent content services, such as categorization, OCR, translation, process automation, and ingestion tools, to fuel new possibilities across the extended enterprise.


How CCM Enables Exceptional Digital Experiences


  • Secure document vaults - secure place for organizations to enable employees and customers to store, access and share their files with each other and across organizational boundaries
  • Field worker enablement apps - simplify how employees access data in the field so they can work more efficiently
  • Content submission and approval apps - an easy way for users to upload or capture content to initiate business processes
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Box is a Leader in ECM

Cloud Content Management represents the next chapter in enterprise content management — and the Box solution has already been recognized by Forrester for being a leader in the Forrester Wave™ ECM Business Content Services Q2 2017. Get your copy of the report now
IT Modernization

IT Modernization and Migration to the Cloud

Free your IT resources by removing ongoing maintenance, patching, and capacity planning — all of the routine activities that drain productivity and limit innovation. You can use Box to migrate legacy on-premise files shares to the cloud, gaining mobile access and external sharing capabilities. And you can improve your security and compliance through increased automation, specialization of expertise and integration with existing IT security and management systems. And with our unlimited storage pricing model, use Box to reduce costs and eliminate your data center footprint. Learn more about Box Shuttle

Security at the core

How Box Helps You


With Box, security and compliance are built into the core — protecting all of your business’ assets in any application and on every device. And because so much of the security features are built directly into the Box experience, every user, every application and every document shares the same protection, so you can work as one without the worry.


How CCM Enables Advanced Security & Data Protection


  • Secure mobility and collaboration - granular user security across devices and content types
  • Integrated governance capabilities - simplify retention, discovery and content policies across your content
  • Compliance - meet global compliance standards
  • Infrastructure security and assurance - secure and infrastructure options to meet business needs while maintaining security
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Box helps more than 77,000 companies and 60% of the Fortune 500 collaborate and drive transformation. And by bringing together mobility and security, it's so much easier for all of them to work together. This is what we call Cloud Content Management.

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