Content migration: Box gives you a smarter way to move to the cloud

Companies of all sizes across industries recognize the productivity gains and cost benefits of moving to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy transition. Moving massive amounts of sensitive data is challenging, and most migration methods tend to be inefficient and insecure.


There's the “lift-and-shift” approach — transferring files from on-premises servers to a cloud service over the public internet, then attempting to replicate in-house applications in the cloud. But lift and shift fails to capture the advantages native cloud features provide, and its security is questionable.


There’s the ad-hoc method of giving employees free reign to move their content to various cloud solutions. This shifts the migration effort to individuals, which might seem efficient on some level, but fails to scale. With employees spending time migrating files, you compromise productivity and risk insecure and disorganized transfer.


Migrating content to the cloud brings plenty of challenges, ranging from bandwidth costs to the preservation of important contextual information including metadata, retention plans and user permissions. It’s great to see Box addressing this.”

- Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC


And then there’s the worst method of all: procrastination. Failing to transition to the cloud costs businesses millions of dollars each year and has a noticeably negative impact on a company's potential to boost collaboration, productivity and innovation. No business wins by resting on the status quo.


For businesses across the globe from the startup to the enterprise, a smooth and seamless — not to mention secure and organized — transition to the cloud is possible. Box Consulting has a deep foundation in migration and offers award-winning services. Over the past four years, we've successfully executed more than 3,500 deployments totaling well over a million users.


Now, we're expanding the capabilities, scale and speed of our Box Consulting migration services to serve a broader range of customers and expedite moving data up to hundreds of terabytes to Box from on-premises, legacy ECM and other cloud systems. Box Shuttle is a managed migration service that can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer based on the amount and type of content as well as their bandwidth and type of repository. We'll help you surface value and apply intelligence like metadata and retention policies to your files as we move them into Box.


"Content migration is a huge pain point for any large enterprise shifting to the cloud. We are excited to see Box's focus on creating a truly seamless end-to-end service for its customers."

— Greg Cannan, Divisional Information Officer, Toyota USA


Box Shuttle: White-glove migration

Box Shuttle is a managed migration service that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. With Box Shuttle, we'll partner with you to:


  • Outline and organize the project: We’ll work together to create a personalized migration plan with key milestones — from inception to delivery — and implementation guidance to ensure your move stays on track
  • Figure out what you need and what you don't: With content analysis and lifecycle management, we'll work with you to determine what to keep live, purge or archive as well as identify the security and governance requirements for your selected data
  • Add intelligence to your content: We can apply your existing user permissions, metadata, retention policies and other custom attributes as we move your files from their previous environments into Box
  • Track progress: Box provides full visibility to customers throughout the migration process and gives users control over their data during the migration


Box Shuttle is a better way to migrate. With a proven methodology and well-supported migration solutions, it’s the smart way to transition large amounts of content to the cloud.


Learn more about our Customer Success solutions or register for our on-demand webinar The Simple, Smart Way to Move to the Cloud, featuring Greg Cannan, Divisional Information Officer, Toyota USA.