7 tips for a successful implementation

By Brandon Kwong, Director, Box Consulting

Every implementation is different, every organization's parameters unique. But there are seven tactics that universally ensure a successful transition to the cloud. Box Consulting helps businesses of all sizes achieve easy deployment, get max value and manifest long-term success when they make a switch to the cloud. Here are some best practices our Box experts recommend for any company implementing a cloud-based solution.


Tip #1 Commit to holistic adoption across agencies

For cloud content management to be an innovative shift for your company, you must commit to driving full adoption across all of your agencies — not just Marketing or Sales, for instance. Every department, team and line of business should be on board. Imagine a team trying to communicate when some people use email, some use only text messaging, and some insist on the phone. Not very efficient. Box is the same way. It's a far more powerful tool when it's used by every team member for swift collaboration across the board.


Tip #2 Identify and deploy key business use cases

It’s common to start with basic use cases like replacing on-premise storage drives. This will ensure that those using unsanctioned Shadow IT solutions like Dropbox get on board. Ultimately, though, envision solving deeper business use cases, focusing on things like teamwork spaces, departmental collaboration and vendor management. Prioritizing the relevant use cases for your organization will help you get max value from your cloud storage solution — things you may not even realize are possible, like home drive replacements, paperless operation and exclusively digital HR on boarding. 


Tip #3 Iteration is key

There are so many possible ways to use Box, from mobile enablement to SFDC integrations to vendor portals, that it can be overwhelming. If you are confused on where to start, begin with the high-value, low-effort use cases, and iterate to eventually transform your entire business. The most successful implementations are based on our "MVP" concept: Minimal Viable Product. Start with critical-path foundation items like security, change management, and core use cases), then iterate to "General Availability" use cases, and finally accelerate innovation and value through each successive iteration. 



General Availability to Transformative


Tip #4 Retire legacy platforms  

It’s not always realistic to sunset every legacy solution in your repertoire. Sometimes you have to maintain a legacy solution because of retention rules and systems of record. But take the time to sort which processes and platforms can be retired with a data migration to the cloud, build out a strategy for that migration, set goals for cost takeout and establish a factory model for migrating legacy repositories. Box Consulting even has a Box Shuttle service that makes it easy to migrate your content from legacy systems.  


Tip #5 Be transparent in your communication and thoughtful in your change management approach

Box is easy, but change is hard. Taking the time to communicate certain details to your Box Consultant will amplify the success of the migration and implementation. For instance, have you attempted to deploy a cloud service in the past for any of your internal organizations? If so, what worked, and what didn’t? Does your company currently use an Intranet? Confused about how to deploy Box with Office365?  Box Consulting can share best practices on what numerous other large enterprise organizations have done and done successfully. By communicating clearly with your Box Consultant, you can take advantage of successful templates and columns other companies have used.   


Tip #6 Drive the value of Box by integrating it with your existing technology stack

When you adopt a new cloud collaboration solution, think from the start about how it will integrate with key applications within your business. When you enlist Box Consulting, for instance, we'll help you scope out standard or custom integrations like Salesforce to ERP systems like NetSuite and Workday: the effort it will involve, what other customers have done in similar situations and whether the same can be done in yours. If we see limitations, we’re always transparent, so you have all the information you need to make smart decisions. 


Tip #7 Don't reinvent the wheel; learn from what other customers have done

How have we transformed how companies have built custom mobile apps and changed the way sales departments use collateral in the field? What have other companies done in similar cases to yours? The Box Consulting team has deployed to tens of thousands of Box customers, and there have been many lessons learned — both what to do and what NOT to do. Deploying  a cloud content management solution at scale has very different best practices than your traditional/legacy ECM deployments. Box can share how others have evolved their value and innovation through their customer journey with Box. Knowing not just what other customers have achieved but how is crucial to powering new business models and customer interactions using the Box platform. 


If you're already an existing Box customer, Box Consulting also has a Transformation Team that focuses specifically on mature, high-value use cases like changing the experience you have with your customers via your content.  



Box Consulting Transformation Team


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