Box for Healthcare

HIPAA-compliant Cloud Content Management

Streamline care and case management

Healthcare is a 24/7 business where every minute matters. With Box for Healthcare, you can enable secure collaboration between clinicians, researchers, care teams, third parties and patients to provide the best care.

Providers and payors throughout the healthcare ecosystem are using the power of the cloud to streamline operations

Enable secure HIPAA-compliant mobility

Enable mobile workforce access to critical documents while securing Protected Health Information (PHI).

Improve care coordination

Enable care teams to coordinate on patient care and DICOM studies for better quality outcomes.

Centralize departmental assets

Organize departmental information in one place to enable easy search and mobile access for clinical workers.

Streamline research

Offer a secure platform to collaborate on research with multiple parties both internally and externally.

Improve Second Opinion Management

Empower patients to quickly and securely get a 2nd opinion on diagnoses from outside physicians.

Optimize case & care management

Create secure workspaces to share information on patient cases.

Improve ACO communications

Collaborate outside your firewall with providers that are in shared-risk arrangements.

Improve member engagement

Push secure content to members like EOB statements and disease management information.

Streamline forms & consent

Allow members to upload, download or e-sign forms from their mobile device.


To help improve patient care, Box seamlessly Integrates with the best healthcare service providers. Along with key integrations with IBMMicrosoft and Apple, Box offers a wealth of integrations—such as TigerText, eHealth Technologies, and EDCO Health Info apps—that deliver HIPAA-compliant collaboration solutions.

View and securely share DICOM files—X-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds—from any device. The Box DICOM Viewer is FDA-approved as a Class II Medical Device for diagnostic viewing.

Providence Anesthesiology innovates better care in the cloud

For a medical provider with multiple facilities and many doctors, the ability to share confidential information quickly is the crux of good care.

Discover how Box works for the healthcare industry