Box for Healthcare

HIPAA-compliant Cloud Content Management for the entire healthcare ecosytem

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  • St. Joseph
  • Providence
  • Mount Sinai
  • Houston Methodist
  • Genomic Health
Doctors reviewing xrays

Collaborate on Healthcare Securely

Healthcare is a 24/7 business where every minute matters. With Box's HIPAA compliant cloud storage & file sharing, you can securely collaborate with clinicians, researchers, care teams, third parties and patients to provide the best care possible.

To help improve patient care, Box seamlessly Integrates with the best healthcare service providers. Along with key integrations with IBM, Microsoft and Apple, Box offers a wealth of integrations—such as TigerText, eHealth Technologies, and EDCO Health Info apps—that deliver HIPAA-compliant collaboration solutions.

Improve Patient Care with Box

Box DICOM Viewer
Share Clinical Images with Box DICOM Viewer

View and securely share DICOM files—X-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds—from any device. The Box DICOM Viewer is FDA-approved as a Class II Medical Device for diagnostic viewing.

Simplified Workflows
Box Provider Solution Simplifies Workflows

Eliminate the tedious task of manual faxing or scanning of medical records. Securely share data with your hospital-based EHR/PHR into and out of Box via the Direct Messaging protocol.

Protected Health Information
Keep Protected Health Information (PHI) Secure

Manage compliance by centralizing content and accessing best-in-class reporting, auditing and admin tools. For extra assurance, Box signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with customers.