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The future of work is here — which means legacy technology is no longer an option. Transform Services, part of Box Consulting, is the highest tier of our Standardized Consulting Services program. With solution design workshops that are both high-touch and collaborative, you’ll learn how to build a hybrid, streamlined, people-first business. Partner with our content experts to build your own digital transformation roadmap, and immediately make that roadmap a reality.

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Accelerating content transformation for any organization

Stanley Toh
Stanley Toh

Head of Enterprise End User Services and Experience

"As an organization going through many mergers and acquisitions, it’s critical for us to have a scalable content foundation upon which to integrate new businesses. With Box Consulting, we created a roadmap to build for scale, including tool consolidation and data migration, making it easy to move quickly as our business grows."

Danielle Mahoney
Danielle Mahoney

Assistant Director of Research and Development
Town of Cary, North Carolina

"As a local government, we have many employee personas — both from different departments and various levels of technology aptitude. With Box Consulting, we were able to design a user adoption program that met our users where they were in their own journeys, and empower our own employees to become change agents to their peers."

Brandon Kwong
Brandon Kwong

Vice President of Solutions Consulting

“My favorite Box Consulting projects are those that help organizations achieve the art of the possible on their biggest business initiatives. The Transform Services program is built for this. Work with content management experts — architects, change experts, skilled trainers, and more — to build and execute upon a unique roadmap for your own Content Cloud journey.”

Achieve the art of the possible with Box Consulting


Is your content infrastructure ready for the future of work?

Centralize and consolidate content into a secure, scalable content foundation.


How are you ensuring the security and compliance of your sensitive content?

Refute threats and reduce risk with a robust content security program.

business process
Business process

Are you making it easy for departments to work with content?

Reimagine any content process. From file submission to workflow — and signature.


Have you optimized your technology stack to support content needs?

Make content productive in any tool you have — or any tool you build.


Do your end users leverage your technology investments?

Create new behavior with change management and training programs.

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