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  • Partners require fast, secure, seamless delivery of product information

  • MED-EL needed to spend more time innovating, and less time on IT server issues

  • Regional regulations and security laws create hurdles for sharing content globally

  • Partners and clients receive new product information instantly and securely

  • Teams collaborate in the Content Cloud across regions, laws, and requirements

  • Box protects sensitive information, and teams work from a single source of truth

Legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven could barely hear as he delivered some of his greatest musical masterpieces. Placing a wooden stick between his teeth, he processed sound vibrations through the bones in his head. 


Now, imagine transforming a concept like that into patented hearing aids to help people with hearing loss all around the world. It would take a village, right? 


Meet global innovation leader MED-EL. With 2,200 employees teaming up to deliver advanced bone conduction technology, cochlear implants, and acoustic amplification devices, the company has helped restore hearing (and quality of life) to more than 200,000 clients across 120+ countries.


A platform built for a changing workplace

It’s been a mission 40+ years in the making, and executing on that mission means keeping everyone on the same page as work evolves. After all, teams and partners need to collaborate across different locations and time zones — and work with all kinds of files, from PDFs and PowerPoints to Word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, and videos.

Along with speeding up tasks like file exchange and communications with the FDA, MED-EL has gotten rid of extraneous document management systems. Martin Hairer, Chief Digital Officer of MED-EL, says having one secure platform — rather than separate tools — has made that possible.


“Box is the no-brainer," Hairer says. "From my perspective, it's the most comprehensive and secure content platform on the market.”


With the Content Cloud, members of the MED-EL purchasing and marketing department can:


  • Simplify work with a single source of truth for all content, from quality assurance documentation to product details
  • Collaborate easily (and securely) with business partners across the entire value chain
  • Work across popular apps like Microsoft 365 from one central, secure content platform

It's the most comprehensive and secure content platform on the market.

— Martin Hairer, Chief Digital Officer, MED-EL


Securing and streamlining innovation

Each customer's hearing device needs are unique, so it's crucial that teams stay laser-focused on outcomes. For that, they lean on the Content Cloud, which simplifies day-to-day tasks and equips everyone with the latest product information.


“It’s [a] very intuitive front end with an easy onboarding process that users understand immediately,” Hairer says.


With Box Shield at the helm, MED-EL keeps sensitive patient data secure as content flows in and out of the organization. In fact, the company has identified and blocked 405,550 potential security incidents. That kind of protection is imperative in a world where any one malware incident could cost a company $2.6 million.¹


Box Governance, meanwhile, ensures MED-EL stays compliant with regulations and helps streamline Medical Device Reporting (MDR) communications with the FDA. And with 18 different retention policies, teams work with confidence knowing that more than 150 documents are properly retained, archived, and deleted.


That's the difference a single source of truth makes, and it's powerful enough to resonate around the world.


¹ Accenture (2019)


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