Box Drive

Desktop, meet cloud

Desktop, meet cloud

Work with your cloud files on your desktop

Box Drive is the incredibly simple way to work with all of your files — even billions of files — right from your desktop, taking up very little hard drive space. Open your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to find every file you need, edit like you would any local file and save it automatically to the cloud. And, keep enterprise-grade security protecting everything you do.

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Seamlessly create and edit files

Whether you're creating a new document or editing a PDF, any changes you make, even when offline,  will automatically save to Box . You can also lock shared files so others can't overwrite your edits.

Never run out of hard drive space

With all your cloud content accessible from your desktop, it’s fast and easy to work with any file in seconds, without using much hard drive space.

Quickly find what you need

The search bar is a fast, convenient way to locate a file or folder without having to browse through all your content in Box.

Easily share your workspace

Right click any file or folder to share instantly or open on to turn folders into collaborative workspaces by inviting your team to edit and upload files.

Save millions replacing network file shares

Working with files in Box Drive feels like working with files in a network drive — with added features like external collaboration, search and version control. Plus, Box projects that customers across various industries have the potential to realize cost savings of up to $6M or more over three years when retiring legacy infrastructure with Box.

Get everyone in the cloud

Box Drive is easy for teams to learn and simple for them to use because it’s grounded in what they already know: the desktop. Plus, Box Drive supports Mac, Windows and VDI environments so everyone gets the same great experience.

Key features

Access all of your files

Access all your files stored in Box right from your desktop

Work with your files offline

View and edit your files without an internet connection. Any changes made while offline are automatically updated when you're back online.

Replace desktop backup solutions

Files are no longer stored on user's hard drives, reducing the risk of data loss if your device is lost or stolen

Files shared with you

Any files shared with you, including read-only, will automatically appear in Drive

Save every version

Automatically retain versions of files every time you click "save" and never have to worry about losing work

Keep all your content secure

Works with all our security capabilities like information governance, retention, device security and more

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