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  • Webinar Using Office 365?
    Learn how it works with Box.

    Microsoft Office 365 gives your users the power to collaborate on documents from anywhere, which is great for businesses, but IT departments need to work hard to keep data secure no matter where it lives.


    There is a way to allow people to easily share content and ensure that IT has the right level of control. In this on-demand webinar, learn how to extend their Office365 environment, enabling easy mobile productivity and secure sharing for a true best of breed approach.


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  • BoxWorks 2015 About BoxWorks 2015

    BoxWorks is not just about Box. It’s about you. An opportunity for you and other forward-thinking brands to share how your businesses collaborate and grow, using Box. Register early and save $400. See you at BoxWorks 2015.

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  • Webinar Cloud Security vs Accessibility:
    The Standoff is Over

    Everybody wants it all these days: users want their documents available at anytime anywhere - on their computers and on their mobile devices, whether working in Microsoft Office or Salesforce.


    Check out an energetic livestream conversation we had with the Spiceworks IT professional community on what you need in an Enterprise File Sync & Share solution and beyond.





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