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Secure collaboration

Work on any device at any time with a simple, intuitive way to collaborate across teams, customers, and partners.

Cloud storage

No matter your project size, there’s a place for it in Box. Store and share any file, and access it remotely when you need to.

Seamless e-signatures

Sign critical business documents like sales contracts and offer letters while keeping records stored safely in Box.

Automated workflows

Anyone can create simple workflows to speed up common business processes like digital asset approvals and contract management (no coding required).

Best-of-breed app integrations

Our integrations with 1,500+ apps, from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to Slack, enable teams to get more done without leaving Box.

Frictionless security
Easy-to-use, flexible security controls let you share your files with confidence and protect your sensitive data.

Securely store, manage and collaborate on your rich media assets

From campaign images to video files, digital assets are core to every company's workflows. Without a centralized digital asset library system, it becomes difficult to search for the right asset when you need it. Content management can quickly become content chaos when assets are edited and saved in different systems — and a lack of consistent security measures poses risks for leaks of confidential or unreleased materials. Box provides a one-stop shop for all of your digital assets and allows you to collaborate in real-time with comments and automated metadata tagging so everyone can easily find the latest version. Moreover, Box allows you to intelligently automate approval workflows, avoiding errors from manual tasks. From creation to publication, you can manage all your digital assets in a secure and efficient manner.

Create an organized digital hub

Keep all content consolidated in one location, making it simple to search, tag, share and collaborate on the latest content with anyone, both internally and externally.

Streamline the creative process in real time

Centralize revisions and feedback in one place and assign tasks to review and approve new assets, accelerating review cycles.

Protect and manage your marketing IP

Watermark confidential files or choose from seven granular permission options so only the right people can view, download or edit content.

Easily analyze asset performance

View access statistics for each file so you know who has viewed and downloaded it. Also, get reports on the most-utilized assets to assess performance.

Key capabilities

Share and collaborate cross-functionally and externally

Marketing  teams, as well as external parties, like agencies and clients, can collaborate in a central, secure workspace. 

Edit in real time

Use version control and collaboration features such as in-file comments and tagging to update digital assets.

Control content security and permissions

Watermark and restrict downloads so only the right people have access to the file before it's officially released to the public

Leverage metadata

Intelligently apply metadata with Box Skills to files so users can quickly perform advanced searches and find the content they're looking for. 

Build custom workflows

Leverage Box Relay to easily implement custom digital asset library workflows and get real-time notifications on actions that are assigned or overdue.

On-demand access

Access all of your digital assets in Box from desktop or mobile so you can edit them on the go.

Track analytics

Track, generate and export reports on content activity from Box's admin console.

Work across various file types

Preview over 120 file types from any device, anywhere and collaborate in InDesign, Word, GSuite and more

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to enable faster search by automatically tagging assets, such as objects in images and transcribing audio files with machine learning

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