Box Trademark Guidelines

Third party usage guidelines for Box trademarks


Box owns various trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, trade dress, and other source-identifying elements (collectively, the “Box Marks”) that constitute a major component of the company’s global marketing and branding strategy in the highly competitive market for commercial software products and services. As such, the Box Marks, and the significant goodwill surrounding them, have become some of Box’s most valuable assets.

In order to ensure that the Box Marks retain their strength and legal effectiveness, Box must police the use of the Box Marks and require correct and consistent use of the Box Marks at all times in all media on a worldwide basis. As such, all employees, consultants, independent contractors, licensees, vendors, distributors, customers, developers, partners and other users (collectively, “Users”) are required to familiarize themselves with, and adhere to, these Guidelines and Restrictions around the use of Box Marks (“Guidelines”). Use of the Box Marks other than in accordance with these Guidelines is a violation of Box’s rights and is prohibited.

If you are a party to a written license or other agreement with Box, your agreement may include specific guidelines governing use of the Box Marks. If so, please follow the guidelines specified in your agreement in addition to those set forth herein. If your agreement has no special guidelines governing use, or if you are not a party to a written license with Box, you are required to follow these Guidelines. Continued use of the Box Marks constitutes binding acceptance of the terms set forth herein. Use of Box’s name and logo may be revoked for any reason at any time by Box, including the termination of any applicable license in the event of any violation of any of the Guidelines.

Box may modify these Guidelines from time to time, and Users will be bound to comply with the updated Guidelines immediately upon receipt of, or posting of, the new Guidelines. Box reserves the right at all times to object, in its sole discretion, to any particular use of a Box Mark by a User, and to require termination of such use or appropriate modification of such use. 

The Box Marks shall be used in accordance with the following Guidelines: 

  1. Always use the proper symbol in superscript – (®, ™, or SM) – as designated by Box in connection with each Box Mark to indicate our claim of ownership and the registration status of the Mark. The “®” symbol should be reserved only for those marks that have been registered with the appropriate trademark office in a particular jurisdiction. Box’s legal and marketing departments maintain current lists of all registered marks owned by Box and can provide guidance in this regard. Symbols should be used for all prominent uses of the mark (e.g., titles and headlines on signage, websites, and brochures), as well as in connection with the first use in a body of text; 
  2. When used as a trade name to identify the company Box, “Box” should not be followed by a trademark symbol. Within documents, the first reference to the trade or company name should be “Box, Inc.” “Box” can be used for subsequent references; 
  3. Always use the Box Marks as adjectives to modify generic nouns and never as nouns or verbs themselves, or in the possessive form (e.g., “Customers should upload images to their Box® cloud storage folder” or “These are the features of the Box® content management platform”; NOT “Users should upload images to their Box®” or “These are “Box features.”) Box® is a brand of specific cloud services offered by Box, not the descriptive name of a category of cloud services; 
  4. Users may use the Box Marks only to show that they are a Box partner, vendor, or customer. Users may NOT use the Box Marks in any manner that misrepresents Users’ relationship with Box, misrepresents or disparages the quality, nature, or source of Box product and service offerings, or is otherwise misleading, false, deceptive, or unethical in any respect; 
  5. Users may not use the Box Marks to promote products or services that do not originate from Box; 
  6. Absent a separate agreement, Users may not use the Box Marks in such a way so as to imply Box endorsement or sponsorship of Users’ company or product; 
  7. The Box Marks cannot be used as part of, combined with, or in close proximity to, a name of a product, business, or service of a company other than Box; 
  8. The Box Marks cannot be used in a manner that suggests any editorial content by a User has been authored by, or represents the views or opinions of, Box; 
  9. Materials on which Users use the Box Marks must clearly indicate that the Users are independent of Box, Inc. and/or its affiliates; 
  10. All materials that include the Box Marks and a trademark credit line for Users’ trademarks must also include the following trademark credit line: “Box® is a registered trademark of Box, Inc., and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries”; 
  11. Users should not assume that they are permitted to use any logos or design marks owned by Box. Except as specifically provided by license or other agreement with Box, third parties generally may not use any Box logo for any purpose. Even when accurately describing a relationship with Box or dealing in Box products, third parties should not use a Box logo or design mark in the absence of an agreement or express written authorization from Box; 
  12. Users must follow all standards for use of the Box Marks as set forth in this document, the “Box Brand Style Guidelines.” Users may not change the color or font of the Box Marks, take them apart, combine them with any other words or graphics, translate them, change their proportions, add or delete letters or terms, animate them, morph them, or otherwise alter or manipulate them in any way; 
  13. Users must use the Box Marks at all times in a commercially reasonable manner and that reflects favorably on the Box Mark and Box. Users may not use the Box Marks in any manner that reflects negatively on Box, in a manner that prejudices, derogates, dilutes, or impairs the rights of Box in such Box Mark, or is disparaging in any other respect; 
  14. The Box Marks cannot be used in any manner that is, or in connection with any other material or content that is, defamatory, libelous, obscene, offensive, infringing of another’s rights, or otherwise objectionable; 
  15. Advertising using the Box Marks must be in compliance with any and all applicable local, state, national, and international law, municipal ordinance, and administrative agency regulation of any city, town, state, or country; 
  16. Box will monitor use of the Box Marks and, at its sole discretion, may request modifications to the manner of a User’s use for any reason; 
  17. Users shall not challenge Box’s ownership of, right to use or license, or the validity of, any Box Marks, including any application for registration or any registration in any jurisdiction; 
  18. Users will not attempt to register any Box Marks in any jurisdiction; 
  19. At no time shall any User adopt, attempt to register, or use any trademark, service mark, design, logo, trade name, corporate name, product name, brand or line name, domain name, social media or similar account, toll-free number, or other source-identifying element, subscription, channel, account or otherwise that is identical to, incorporates, embodies, or is confusingly similar to any of the Box Marks in any jurisdiction; 
  20. Use of any Box Marks shall at all times inure to the benefit of Box; 
  21. Box reserves all rights in each of the Box Marks; and 
  22. Users will not do or cause to be done anything, under any applicable laws, that will or might jeopardize, prejudice, adversely affect or diminish any of Box’s ownership, title, rights, interests or value in relation to any Box Mark


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Updated:  August 5, 2022

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