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Get everyone on the same page faster

Whether it's a project plan for your global team or source-of-truth content like an employee handbook, real-time notes are essential to work today. Concurrent editing lets everyone see the same Box Note and make annotations and edits together live, enabling teams to work smarter and faster from anywhere.

Collaborate with everyone in your organization

Your team extends beyond your organization — in addition to coworkers, you need to collaborate with external stakeholders to get work done. With Box Notes, you can securely share ideas and take live notes online with people outside of your company, which makes teamwork a breeze.

Protect your valuable content

Box Notes is backed by the same enterprise-grade security as any file stored and managed in Box. Every Note you create or share is protected by the security, compliance, and governance your organization needs, which gives you more peace of mind.

Box Notes works for every team


Work together in the Box Notes app to create employee handbooks and guides.


Securely collaborate with external agencies on project plans, launch announcements, and more.


Easily gather key stakeholder inputs to quickly create and revise SOPs in real time.


Develop sales plays, call scripts, and email templates to accelerate deals.


Gather interview feedback across the interview panel to streamline the hiring process.


Define product requirements and plan roadmaps together for faster alignment across the org.

Key features

Real-time co-editing

Work with up to 30 editors at a time, and share with unlimited viewers.

Secure external collaboration

Easily share and collaborate on Notes with external partners.

Rich embeds

Preview Box files like videos, presentations, and more directly inside a Note.

Box Notes templates

Use a default template or create a custom template to reuse.

Version history

Track changes and revert back to an older version at any time.


Mention teammates in comments so they get automatic notifications.

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