Custom skills with IBM Watson

Bring enterprise-grade intelligence from IBM Watson to content in Box

Transform the way you work with Box Skills and IBM Watson

IBM and Box are partnering together to bring intelligence to your content. Using the Box Skills framework, IBM will apply IBM Watson machine learning technologies to your content in Box and deliver custom solutions for your business. The custom skills, developed by IBM, will leverage state-of-the-art machine learning tools from IBM Watson to redefine the way your business works, addressing your unique business problems and processes with machine learning.

Custom solutions for your business
Custom solutions for your business

Partner closely with the IBM Watson team to uncover potential use cases where IBM can develop custom solutions for you

Enterprise-grade machine learning
Enterprise-grade machine learning

Take advantage of a portfolio of intelligent products from IBM Watson to enhance content and transform the way you work in Box

Integrated into the way you work
Integrated into the way you work

Custom Skills built by IBM will work with your existing implementation of Box, integrating seamlessly into the way you already work

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Built for the future

Box Skills is designed to grow with your business and all of your content. Working closely with the IBM and Box teams, you can uncover new use cases for machine learning in your business.


Custom Skills with IBM Watson is designed to be an ongoing engagement to identify new ways to apply IBM Watson technologies to enhance content in Box and automate manual workflows. As IBM Watson technologies continue to evolve and expand, you can take advantage of the latest technologies in your business.

"All businesses stand to benefit from using AI to get better insights from their data and, together with Box, we are helping businesses move beyond storing and sharing to truly getting a return on their information."

- David Kenny, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

Bring Watson AI to your enterprise content