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Finally, A Secure Way To Sync Your Files

With Box Sync, all of your files are automatically synced between your desktop, your online Box folders and your mobile devices.

  • All Your Files In One Place Consolidate all your files from your desktops, laptops and mobile devices on Box. Then view, share and edit them from anywhere.
  • Box Sync Install Box Sync on your computer. Every update and edit you make while working on your desktop is automatically saved to the cloud.
  • Sync and Share Select folders or sub folders to sync. Share quickly with a simple right-click from your desktop files or folders.


Sync and Share All Files From Any device, Anywhere on Box

Keep Your Data Safe

Saving your files to Box gives you a secure backup in the cloud.

  • Sync Your Desktop Installing Box Sync on your computer allows you to automatically backup files on your hard drive to the cloud.
  • Lost Laptops Don't Equal Lost Files A stolen iPad or broken laptop doesn't have to mean losing vacation photos or personal files. When you save your files on Box, they're safe in the cloud.
  • Security With end-to-end encryption, you know that everything you sync and share is handled securely.
Secure Online File Sharing with Sync