Unlocking Content with AI to Power Business Transformation

Digital transformation initiatives are widely explored by CIO's to streamline business processes, drive efficiencies, gain competitive advantage and help their companies achieve it's objectives.  They are often struggling to understand how advances in technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can boost such initiatives.


Data and insights are often at the heart of such business transformation projects and much of that today is unstructured data.  With AI, organizations can start to mine this data, much of which resides in content, to help identify key insights, drive analysis and classification and organization of their content.


Download the 'Unlocking Content with AI to Power Digital Transformation' CIO whitepaper from IBM and Box to see how enriching your content with AI can drive your IT strategy.  In it, you'll hear from Thought Leaders on the role AI has in driving custom processes for your business and a glimpse into some for the use cases AI is being leveraged for among enterprise clients, from automated content extraction in bank loans or transcription services for example.