Simplify your IT governance strategy


It's no small thing to manage and govern all of your business content. Not only is the amount of data that businesses manage increasing exponentially, the complexity of regulations is growing too. And to top it all off, failing to comply with ever-evolving policies can lead to costly fines and lawsuits.


There's no time like the present to simplify your IT governance program. Legacy systems are expensive and difficult to use. Manual processing is far too time-consuming. It doesn't have to be this hard.


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  • How to take the burden of content lifecycle management off your users
  • Strategies for simplifying your governance framework


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Manage document retention and disposition policies

Setting the right retention schedules for financial documents and customer engagements helps you maintain compliance with regulations such as SOX or EEOC. Plus, you ensure the critical data your customers, employees, and partners need never gets lost. But with more privacy regulations than ever (such as GDPR and CCPA), you have to dispose of your content. Automated disposition policies facilitate timely, consistent disposal of data in accordance with these laws. Plus, automated content disposition reduces the burden, risk, and cost of processing Data Subject Requests.

Conduct defensible discovery

Legal actions — including trademark issues, patent infringement, employee lawsuits, and consumer complaints — are risks all companies face. Without the right systems in place to effectively discover and preserve relevant content, the costs and time spent on litigation can quickly spiral out of control. Legal holds ensure that content relevant to litigation can be searched, audited, and held indefinitely in Box, as well as integrated into your eDiscovery system or process.

Automate content classifications

Even though we all handle a ton of files every day, very few of us know how sensitive they are, where they are in the content lifecycle, or the policies that apply to them. Classifying files reduces risk and enhances productivity because the right file always adheres to the right policy and users don't have to constantly think about what the rules are for working on the files going through their every day business processes.

Effectively dispose of your content

Ensuring that only the right people can permanently delete content is key to making sure only the right content is erased. Box Governance gives you the flexibility to remove unnecessary data without compromising your ability to meet your retention needs. These advanced trash controls help reduce risk by giving you the right balance between automatically purging content that no longer has value, restricting permanent deletion to authorized users, and empowering users to restore in the event of accidental deletion. 

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