The call for data-centric security in a hybrid world


Over 50% of organizations globally have suffered a ransomware attack that blocked access to systems or data — and more than 20% say the affected data was valuable, sensitive, or secret. With hybrid work increasingly the norm, those numbers are rising. 


There’s a call for increased security around the content that matters — and that content is different for every company. To better manage the lifecycle of content and keep pace with changing regulations in various industries, a data-centric security model is in order. 


In this paper authored by IDC, learn about the benefits of a data-centric security model, including:

  • Data discovery and classification tools that help organizations understand what data they have, where it resides, and how to categorize it
  • Data governance that includes policies to govern the use of information within an organization
  • Data monitoring and a zero-trust strategy for security