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Self-governing documents streamline compliance.

So you can do the research that advances lives.
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When compliance is made easier it actually happens.

That’s the idea behind self-governing documents from Box Governance. For life sciences companies, self-governing documents follow retention rules for clinical research and also protects your sensitive IP.


With Box Governance, you set clear policies for document sharing—both inside your firewall and externally with researchers, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and regulatory agencies. The process is intuitive and invisible to employees, so your teams can focus on bringing innovative therapies to market.

Self-governing documents help companies share and collaborate, safely.

With Box Governance it’s easier to manage the document lifecycle. By tagging documents with security classifications and enforcing granular access controls, you can safely collaborate internally across the organization and with research partners.

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Automatic retention

Set policies to preserve and dispose of financial documents in the exact time frame required by FINRA.

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eDiscovery Support

Legal holds identify and preserve content. Audit trails save every action your employees take in the Box platform, across all devices.

Security and control

Classify sensitive data to automatically restrict access, enforce upload and sharing policies, and limit access to trusted devices.

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Integrated ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with tools you already use, like NetSuite, Salesforce, Office 365 and DocuSign.

A centralized solution makes compliance easier to manage.

As the leading modern content management solution for 12 out of top 15 global pharmaceutical companies, Box makes data retention easier. See why leading brands—including AstraZeneca, Eli Lily, Boston Scientific and Jazz Pharmaceuticals—use Box.

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5 steps to good governance.

Can we really simplify document compliance to five basic steps? Yes we can. It starts with deciding that there’s a better way. Download our PDF for insight on managing the entire document lifecycle.