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A trusted way to tackle content migration

Going digital is a real challenge when your content is locked away in legacy systems. But with Box Shuttle, it's simple to migrate to the cloud. Our leading technology enables you to move content from anywhere and ditch legacy infrastructure like file shares, in some cases for free. Plus, Box Consulting provides both migration tool training and processes proven to drive adoption. We've helped our customers move petabytes of content from outdated tools. Let's migrate yours next.

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Built for end-to-end migration

Settle for nothing less than the best. Box Shuttle's market-leading content migration tools empower you to move content from more than 10 source systems and maintain the surrounding data, like permissions, metadata, and version history. That way, your business keeps (and increases) its momentum after the project is complete.

Driven by experience

Transform your business with confidence. Box Shuttle content management experts will execute your content ingestion, build your cloud migration strategy, or fill a skillset gap. We're here with whatever you need to finish your critical project quickly and effectively.

Focused on adoption

Don't "lift and shift" bad habits and workflows when you migrate — revamp them. Drive change management from the beginning, getting stakeholders aligned to ensure long-term user adoption. And know you're in good hands: We've delivered more than 500 successful content migration projects.

Petabytes of customer transformation


Retired more than 10 file servers by centralizing over 37 terabytes of content into Box, representing thousands of users and permissions, more than 8M files, and multiple critical use cases for tax season operations.

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Modernized operations by migrating over 160 terabytes of content from an Oracle ECM tool — unlocking over 163M files and giving workers secure mobile access to critical files during fire season.

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Executed a highly complex consolidation of multiple terabytes of content scattered over 6K SharePoint sites, streamlining active customer-facing work and simplifying access to critical archived content.

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Meet a few of our experts

josh rael
Josh Rael

Service Lead, Content Migration

"We often hear of organizations delaying content migration because they're under-resourced or lack the skillsets to do it themselves. We bring our migration experts to the table on every project, helping our customers get back to their day jobs quickly and effectively."

nicole bridgeman
Nicole Bridgeman

Senior Change Management Consultant

"Cloud migration is more than just moving to a new system. Our team works with you to plan communications and train your users on managing their content. A successful migration includes giving your users the tools and skills to work smarter, not harder."

kevin day
Kevin Day

Senior Director, Migration Engineering

"Your content isn't just content — it's also everything around your content, which many cloud migration tools ignore. Our technology translates files, folders, permissions, metadata, and version history from any system, re-platforming content to maximize its value in Box."

See a faster, easier way to migrate your content

A solution for any content ingestion scenario


Reduce your content sprawl. Create a better experience than Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, restrict risky shadow IT like Dropbox, or ditch bulky ECM software like OpenText.


Renovate your on-premises tech and reduce costs, whether that's dozens of home drives, hundreds of file shares, thousands of SharePoint sites, or a complex Documentum deployment.


Work is too digital to still be on paper, but how do you move from the file cabinet to the cloud? We'll scan — and enrich — your static paper, making it even more powerful in Box.


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Build your content migration strategy

Eliminate content silos and fragmentation by starting your content migration today — with Box Shuttle.

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We'll help you build a solid foundation and a connected tech stack, plus unlock widespread adoption.

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Box Shuttle: Content migration that's actually easy

Box Consulting experts share how Box Shuttle makes migration simple — no matter how much content you have.

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