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Work More Effectively With Your
Marketing Agencies

Work seamlessly with your external agencies, vendors and partners on large rich media files.

  • Box lets Marketers easily upload large presentations and videos, organize them into folders, share links to files and manage file and folder permissions.
  • Safeguard sensitive marketing assets by setting customized access. Documents are encrypted at-rest and in-transit, maintaining the highest levels of security.
  • Password-protect sensitive documents. You can set expirations on shared files and folders and keep an audit trail of all file and user activity. This lets you see when your agencies and vendors view your creative briefs.
Business Solutions Marketing Asset with Box


Multi-Channel Marketing Assets Made Easy

When you have great marketing materials, you want to reach your target buyers via every appropriate channel. Use Box to centralize those assets so they can be seamlessly, and repeatedly, used everywhere.

  • All your marketing and brand campaign assets can be easily managed between internal teams, outside agencies and vendors.
  • Find what you're looking for easily with Box Search so you'll never lose a marketing asset or need to recreate one again.
  • Rely on your centrally managed assets to encourage consistency across every channel – from radio to print, online to out of home and web sites to direct mail.

Learn how Box for Digital Asset Management allows brand and creative teams to securely manage, share and collaborate on their digital assets in a single unified workspace to create a consistent and distinct brand image across all distribution channels.

Easy & Secure Multi-Channel Marketing Assets Tools


Access for Globally Dispersed Teams

Use Box as a central repository when your teams are scattered across the globe. It's a great way to increase productivity, managing versions and keep all documents in one place.

  • Get up and running in minutes, with no additional hardware investments.
  • Manage documents in a shared workspace so teams can access their content from anywhere.
  • Preview important presentations and images in your browser or mobile device. No downloads or extra software required.
Manage Documents Online Anywhere, Anytime with Box

Event Binder

Use Box as an event binder to access event-related files while at conferences, trade shows and events.

  • Quickly access contracts, vendor agreements and show schedules from a mobile device or tablet.
  • Enable the event team, agencies and staff to easily collaborate and stay in sync on an event from anywhere.
  • Maintain a centralized and global event calendar that tells everyone the who, when and where.


Create Online Events & Shows Binder with Box

Press Kit Portal

Box is the ideal place to create a press kit portal with a folder of images, press releases and videos on major product announcements.

  • Keep approved images and videos in one place for reporters to access and use.
  • View who’s reviewed what files and get notifications on file activity.
  • Update last minute media changes without needing to resend any emails. Receive automatic updates for any new additions, updates or changes in content.
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