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Streamline Sales Process

Box makes it easy to get everybody working with the most up-to-date and effective sales collateral, product specs and pricing information. So Sales can focus on what matters: closing deals.

  • Allow Marketing to push updated content to sales reps so they always have the latest version.
  • Get email notifications when Marketing adds new or updated collateral to the library.
  • Get instant access to view and present the latest content from any device.
  • Manage RFPs and contracts centrally as a team.
Box Online Business Solutions For Sales Portal

Drive Compelling Customer Conversations

Marketing gets increased visibility into how collateral is used and which assets are most effective, so they can ensure the best techniques are replicated.

  • Know what content is being shared with prospects and view shared folders attached to each prospect record in Salesforce and other CRM solutions.
  • Track which files are downloaded and viewed most frequently from the collateral library, aligning marketing output with sales needs.
  • Easily update collateral and ensure new versions are viewable by all of Sales in just one click.
Best Techniques For Drive Compelling with Box

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

Box provides a central place for Sales to share content with prospects. It also reduces the time it takes to close a deal by removing email bottlenecks.

  • Present to customers on any device.
  • Avoid the hassle of email and create a shared folder of customized content for prospects.
  • Get notifications when prospects have viewed or downloaded content.
  • Get deals signed quickly with DocuSign® and EchoSign®.
Share Content For Sales Portal Online With Box