Contract Review and Approval

Accelerate contract workflows

Simplify and automate the contract review and approval process

From finance to legal, nearly every line of business touches contracts with clients, vendors and other stakeholders. However, legacy contract review and approval systems at many organizations limit productivity and have insufficient security. Not to mention they make it hard for teams to find, share and retain contracts. Using Box, contract collaborators can work out of a secure, centralized repository, which allows them to accelerate contract lifecycles, protect content security and meet compliance standards. Because you shouldn't have to worry about where your contract is or if it's secure — you should already be looking ahead to the next one. 

Create an organized digital contract hub

Store all contracts in one secure location, making it easy to search and collaborate on contracts internally and externally.

Execute contracts quickly

Reduce the the time it takes to close contracts by streamlining the contract creation, review and approval process. 

Meet compliance standards and reduce data risk

Maintain compliance standards such as FINRA, SOX and FLSA with Box Governance; reduce data risk with granular permissions controls.  

Automate the contract workflow

Enable task automation and integrate with eSignature technologies like DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

Key capabilities

Share and collaborate cross-functionally

Employees, vendors and clients can create and collaborate on contracts in a central, secure workspace. 

Redline in real time

Use version control and collaboration features such as in-file comments and tagging to edit contracts in real time.

Meet compliance standards and reduce risk

Meet retention requirements of regulations such as FINRA, SOX and FLSA with Box Governance

Leverage metadata

Apply metadata to files so users can quickly perform advanced searches and find the contract they're looking for. 

Build custom workflows

Easily kick off custom contract review and approval workflows and get real-time notifications on actions that are assigned or overdue.

Leverage seamless eSignature

Send contracts out for eSignature and then save them back to Box using our seamless integrations with eSignature tools like DocuSign and AdobeSign. 

Control content security and permissions

Prevent unwanted access to files with global security controls, granular file permissioning, watermarking and more. 

On-demand access

Access all of your contracts in Box from your desktop or mobile so you can redline or sign on the go.

Track analytics

Track, generate and export reports on contract activity from Box's admin console.

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to extract information from contracts and due diligence documents with machine learning.

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