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How it Works: Virtual Data Room

Whether you're negotiating an agreement or managing a merger, you have lots of documents and changes flying back and forth. Box puts you in control by moving document management out of insecure email and complicated FTP and into a secure deal room.

  • Stay updated with the latest document version and know who's seen which docs and when – all while reducing email overload.
  • Consolidate feedback and comments in one secure location.
  • Eliminate billing surprises with per user, not per-page, pricing.
  • Best of all, you can set up Box in minutes.






Business Solution & Manger Virtual Data Room with Box

Share Critical Information
Securely and Visibly

Create a secure data room with Box in minutes. Share information with potential partners or customers safely when you apply variable permissions restricting upload, edit or preview.

  • Create a project folder to upload contracts, financial statements and other due diligence files. Get notified when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments or makes edits.
  • Folder content is accessible to people you specify. Restrict privileges to Preview Only or Upload Only so you stay in control of who's accessing what.
  • Multiple layers of protection keep your business deals safe and secure. Set up a timeline to determine when a shared file will be deleted or shared link will be deactivated.
Share Securely & Safely Information, Data with Box


Custom Branded Experience

Custom branding of Box ensures you always project a professional appearance. Box also provides a familiar space to interact with external customers and partners.

  • Add your logo and colors to the Box interface and login page for a professional, branded experience with your deal partners.
  • Avoid confusion with partners by making it easy to maintain version control with version history, updates tab and email notifications.
  • Get the deal done faster by e-signing documents with DocuSign® and EchoSign®.
Online Customization For Branding of Box