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5 steps to Good Governance

Simplify your bank's governance strategy

This eBook explains why you should deal with governance now and remove the burden of content lifecycle management from your users.

How financial firms build stellar experiences in the cloud

Delivering secure financial services for your customers in the cloud

Learn how firms like yours use a modern approach for everything they do — from digital banking to loan processing to onboarding. We'll show you how to deliver exceptional online experiences that keep your customers happy and returning for more.

Reinventing Government: 20 innovations for 2020

20 innovations for reinventing government

This eBook will explore the top 20 innovations that emerged from federal, state and local agencies in 2020.  

Game-Changing Customer Engagement: End-to-End Digitization

Build experiences that keep customers invested

Dive into key trends shaking up how customers engage with banks

Cloud Content Management for Agile GxP Compliance

Transforming life sciences in the cloud

Read the paper to see how life sciences organizations boost collaboration and communication for game-changing benefits.

team comments on financial documents

Box for Banking

Learn how to better manage the content that drives your bank forward

cyber threats

Protecting your content against cyber threats

Discover how to protect your content against cyber threats and data loss in the interactive ebook.   

shuttle ebook

Build your content migration strategy

Eliminate content silos and fragmentation by starting your content migration today — with Box Shuttle.

bring all apps together

Bring all of your apps together in one seamless platform

Learn how to get your teams moving and and your files secured with best-of-breed technologies that connect all of your tools, all in one place.

cyber threats

Get a handle on cyber threats

Discover the cost of cybercrime—and see how much you can save with a single, secure platform for managing your most valuable information.

cyber threats and data loss

Safeguard against cyber threats and data loss

Learn a new approach to protecting the content that supports your customers and enables your teams — anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

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Get sky-high ROI with Box

Companies using Box see a 332% return on investment and $11.83M net savings, according to a Forrester-commissioned study. Check out this infographic to learn about the benefits your organization can experience with the Content Cloud.

Securing your content in the cloud with Box

Securing your content in the cloud with Box

Get a comprehensive overview of the Box approach to security, governance, compliance and data protection.

Retail runs on content. And no one knows content like Box.

Content Cloud for Retail

Your retail company runs on content. And no one knows content like Box. Learn how Box Content Cloud offers one easy secure platform for retailers to get to market faster.


Box ITAR and EAR compliance

Learn how Box supports the export control data regulations for both ITAR and EAR.

Get to know the Content Cloud

Put your content to work

Box gives you a single content platform for secure content management, workflow, and collaboration. It’s called cloud content management (CCM) — and it’s built for the way you work today.

accelerating retail growth

Accelerating retail growth

The Retail Industry is shifting quickly. With accelerated growth comes learning how to thrive in a new digital landscape.

Get to know cloud content management for government agencies

Get to know cloud content management for government agencies

See how managing your content in the cloud lets you automate critical workflows and secure data across teams inside and outside your perimeter. 

expert edition future of work

Expert Edition: Future of Work

Get insights on how NASA, SBA, and Argonne National Laboratory shifted from emergency remote work to to long-term strategies.

government agile is possible

Agile for everyone: How to improve everyday work processes

Get real-life examples from high-level government officials who work with agility, and discover why flexibility matters. You'll also get today's must-have resources for adapting to change in government.


Box Supports Remote Work in Light of COVID-19

451 dives into Box's new user experience with All New Box, Collections, and a revamped Zoom integration.

The ROI of Box

The ROI of Box

Learn how Box retired a legacy billing system to save a customer $730,000 in fees.

Nucleus ECM Technology Value Matrix

Nucleus ECM Technology Value Matrix

During a disruptive time in ECM, Nucleus looks at features and differentiators among vendors.

Nucleus Box vs. Dropbox Redux

Nucleus Box vs. Dropbox Redux

Nucleus Research looks at Box vs. Dropbox and how customers evaluate the two vendors.