Employee Records Management

Standardize employee records management

Keep employee records secure and compliant

Most companies lack any organization surrounding employee records management. This results in HR having to manually search through paper copies and hard drives in the event of litigation or employee requests. Additionally, employees have no way to access their personal records, again leaving HR to do the busy work. Without a digital repository for these sensitive records, applying governance and meeting strict compliance standards is nearly impossible. With Box, simplify how you retain employee records to meet labor laws and ensure they have access to their files. Keep your business compliant and your employees happy.

Digitize and optimize search for HR files

Store all your HR content on the cloud and quickly pull up the right file needed in event of a request or employee-based litigation

Secure sensitive employee records

Ensure the right people have the right access to files with granular permissioning and access statistics

Meet compliance standards

Maintain relevant employee records for external contractors, temp workers, or vendors to meet local, state, federal, or international labor laws

Customize the HR experience

Build custom HR experiences for your users to simplify onboarding, training, and more.

Key capabilities

Control content access

Prevent unwanted file access with global security controls, seven granular file permissions, audit logs, watermarking and more to ensure sensitive employee records are protected.

Ensure compliance

Leverage automated governance abilities such as retention and disposition features to comply with regulations set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other international laws.

Locate content faster with metadata

Box Skills lets you automatically generate metadata on each piece of content in Box, allowing employees to easily search and locate content using key words.

File previews

Preview over 120 file types from any device, anywhere. 

On-demand access

Enable employees to access important records stored in Box right from their desktop or mobile device.

Track analytics

Track, generate and export reports on file activity and usage from Box's admin console.

Customize using Box APIs

Use Box Platform's robust suite of APIs and SDKs to build a customized HR portal tailored to your users.

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to automatically classify and extract key details from employee records, such as tax forms, agreements and resumes with machine learning

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