Your Content Anywhere, Anytime: Mobile Access With Box Apps

With Box on your smartphone or tablet, getting to your documents, presentations, photos and videos while you're on the go is easy.

  • Get to Files From Anywhere Native apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Now anyone can have a rich mobile experience at
  • View, Share, Edit and Annotate View and share 200+ file types and edit or annotate with one of our many Box OneCloud partner apps. Learn More
  • Get to Files When You're Offline Quickly save files for offline so you can view them even without an internet connection.
Access Data Anywhere, Anytime With Box Mobile App


Productivity Anywhere, Anytime: Mobilize Your Business

Nearly 60% of employees access content from outside the office. Box lets workers take work with them - wherever they need it.

  • Get Plans On-Site Project managers can quickly view plans and send comments back to the office while on the construction site.
  • Review On The Go Managers can review new concepts from their teams while on the way to visit a client.
  • Speed Up Your Deals Sales reps can send contracts to customers before even leaving the meeting.
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Customize Mobile for Your Business: APIs, SDKs, and Box OneCloud

Use Box with any of our mobile partner apps to get additional functionality. Or, use our developer tools to build your own apps on top of Box.

  • Get More From Box Our ecosystem of hundreds of Android, iPhone and iPad apps is called Box OneCloud. Each app is integrated with Box and allows you to do more with your content – like edit, annotate, and e-sign documents.
  • Embed Box Into Anything Easily pull Box content into other apps, software, intranet or service you use today with Box Embed – our simple file picker – and other developer tools.
  • Build on Box Robust SDKs, APIs and developer tools are available to help you build apps on top of Box specifically for your business.
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Serious About Security: Secure Mobile Content Management

The security of your business information is always top of mind at Box. We offer a variety of security features that can help you maintain control of your data.

  • Visibility, Control and Tools Device pinning, usage tracking and more are all easily managed in our Box admin console.
  • Lost or Stolen? Still Protected With passcode locks and remote logout you can mitigate security risks from lost phones or exiting employees.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management Partnerships Box works with leading EMM providers to offer additional security, configuration and device management.

Box for EMM

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