How HR gets onboarding into the fast lane

When it comes to employee onboarding, most HR teams still have to scan documents for signatures and email files, using a bevy of systems to collect employee information. This takes up time that could be better spent on attracting, inspiring and hiring the best talent.

With Box, you can create simple, repeatable processes to streamline many of your manual workflows. That means HR can shorten the hiring cycle, reduce errors, increase security, and deliver a great candidate experience from beginning to end.

1. Streamline the offer letter creation process

Angela, a senior recruiter, just finalized her offer letter and moves it to the designated folder for approval, triggering a workflow that automatically assigns a task to both the hiring manager and VP of the department.

2. Speed up the internal review and approval process

  • Her VP, Maria, is notified that she needs to review and approve the offer.
  • She can easily provide final sign-off directly in Box.
  • When Angela signs back into Box, she sees that the offer has been moved into the “Approved Offers” folder.

3. Make the offer to the prospective employee

  • Angela sends the approved offer letter to the candidate for a secure review and signature via DocuSign.
  • The candidate signs the letter with just a few clicks to accept the offer.
  • Angela automatically receives notification the candidate has accepted the offer and starts the new hire onboarding process.

4. Collect and manage personal employee data securely

  • The candidate is now a new employee. She’s shared her personal information for payroll purposes with Angela.
  • Angela needs to make sure that these documents stay confidential and protected.
  • All her HR folders are protected with granular access controls and data retention, so that they’re only accessible by authorized team resources and retained for recordkeeping.

Box makes it easy to recruit, onboard and empower the best talent while staying in compliance. So you can focus on the humans — not on the resources.


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