A Better Way to Manage Your Content

Legacy Servers

Organize Your Content Intuitively

Simply put, the way businesses today manage their content isn't working. Organizations spend millions of dollars on legacy ECM software, servers, support and implementation, yet still have employees using their own unsanctioned tools and consumer solutions.


Now, imagine an enterprise-scale solution that securely manages your content while delivering a great user experience. Fortunately, you don't have to imagine because that's Box—a modern content management platform that makes it easy to organize content, automate workflows and manage full document lifecycles.


Content Delivery and Metadata

Deliver Content with Context

Classify Your Content. Organize content by using metadata templates that logically group your documents, images, videos and more with metadata attributes you set.

Stop Endless Searching. Quickly find any file you're looking for by assigning metadata and using an advanced search to filter your results.

Eliminate Content Silos. Use metadata to migrate files from legacy content management tools to Box, and centrally manage access permissions and policies.

Workflow Policies and Automation

Streamline & Accelerate Workflows

Automate Sharing. From document management to claims processing, any team can automate internal and external processes and set policies to take action after domain-specific events.

Reduce Repetition. Make common tasks like employee onboarding and contract approvals more efficient by enabling event and trigger-based automation.

Flag Risky Business. Safeguard your content by setting notifications when unwanted activities such as unknown user access occurs.

Data Governance

Ensure Information Governance

Manage Archiving and Retention. Don't let your documents manage you. Set automated policies to control document preservation, archival and deletion schedules.

Encryption & Rights Management. Prevent breaches of sensitive information—like credit card numbers or confidential intellectual property—by using security policies and document watermarking.

Defensible eDiscovery. Identify relevant content, preserve documents and metadata, and prevent information deletion in order to comply with legal reviews.

Transform Content Management with Box